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 Online Ministry School 

Building a Prophetic Army of Women Leaders Across the World

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You'll Gain...
  • Authentic connection

  • Christ-centered mentors

  • Global friends

  • Trustworthy community

  • Spiritual growth

  • Biblical understanding

  • Accountability

  • Equally-yoked community for life

  • Prayer covering

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You'll Transform...
  • True identity in Christ

  • Godly daily habits and direction

  • Godly leadership skills

  • Godly responses to the world around you

  • Spiritual equipping

  • Holy Spirit partnership

  • Insight about the purpose that God created you for.

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About our Leaders...
  • Non-denominational Ordained Ministers

  • Over 15 years of pastoral leadership

  • Accountable to other Christian mentors

  • Prophetically gifted

  • Compassionate & dedicated

  • Prayer warriors

  • Plugged into local communities

  • Outreach focused

  • Always ready to listen and serve

  • Passionate about seeing other women succeed

  • Life experience in corporate America, raising children,  leading mission trips to 3rd world countries and leading  healing revivals

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About the Course...
  • Unparalleled Christ-centered curriculum

  • Focus on Christ-centered lifestyle and leadership with scripture as the foundation

  • Study scripture in context for life application and understanding

  • Apply Christian values in your sphere of influence: at work, at the grocery store, at home

  • Learning ways of operating out of peace in any situation

  • Develop your spiritual tool belt for whatever life throws at you

  • Discover the Holy Spirit's daily role

  • Learn how to communicate with God's Holy Spirit and hear His direction clearly

  • Deepen your relationship with Christ

  • Understand the character of Father God and learn to trust and rely on Him

  • Understand Christian leadership from Christ's example

  • Learn to discover the purpose that God created you for and how to walk it out

  • Become a confident and bold Christian leader

Denise Lim - alumni
Alumnae - Malaysia

Throughout this 9 month course, I have learned how to have a closer relationship with God and, most importantly, trust God in everything I do.

It's a community which has surrounded me with supportive, encouraging, Christ-minded women from all over the world. Carina and Shanae sincerely care for their students and delivered more than what this course promised.

If you are a Christian woman who believes being a Christian is more than just attending the church service every Sunday and wants support from other women, please do not hesitate to join!

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Alumnae - Usa

Trumpets of Tirzah was a timely journey into identity. The focus of these 9 months was for me to break off the fear of man. With the guidance and powerful teaching I received, I was compelled and provoked to confront these fears and overcome them by the truth of the Word of God. I am grateful for the times that I sat with the Lord in the secret place as His truth would wash over me and cultivated a space where my mind was renewed.  Being surrounded by strong women of God who are mature in stewarding His presence and His word and humble enough to disseminate these truths with love and conviction, has been significantly impacting for me. I would encourage those women who are looking to take it to the next level, to consider Trumpets of Tirzah.

Alumnae - New Zealand

Joining the Trumpet of Tirzah leadership course has totally changed my life! My relationship with the Holy Spirit has grown tremendously and I’m including Him more often throughout

my day now.

My confidence and sharing on a group level has soared and I have come into more inner healing and freedom thanks to Carina’s personal healing ministry.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and loved Carina’s in depth Spirit-led teaching every week.

It was encouraging learning about what a Godly leader looked like practically, and seeing the Bible in a fresh and practical way. Carina gave fresh insight on different Biblical characters leadership styles and giftings and how they related to mine and my calling.

The prayer cover and support from Carina and the Tirzah team was second to none. I came out knowing that I would definitely come into the fullness of God’s calling and destiny for me, and that nothing could hold me back. Forever grateful.

Alumnae - Canada

Carina’s guidance over the past 1.5 years was so instrumental in dealing with many devastating loses in my life…I honestly did not have the will to go on. My monthly sessions were so powerful and proved to be the highlight of my month Through the Holy Spirit's direction, and my obedience, He's worked so many miracles in my life….the blessings have increased tremendously! My spiritual growth has increased exponentially; when things appear uncertain I’ve learned how to call on God to carry me through the rough water. Carina Reed is a powerful Woman of God….she is genuinely a Heavenly Christian Soul marching to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  I am so blessed that God opened this door in my life.

will open again Spring 2024
Testimonies of growth...
The Details...
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Pacific Time:

Thursdays at 6pm

In our Anointed Zoom Room - camera/video must be turned on during each class

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September 14, 2023


April 25, 2024

off during Christmas and Easter

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Priceless Kingdom Investment!

Your financial investment into the Kingdom: $1700

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Due Dates

$150 due on acceptance

$350 due Sept. 1st

balance due or monthly payments start Oct. 1st.

Special offer to International Women who can't attend during our
normal meeting time... 

Gather a group of women, 10 or more, who can commit to the 7-month course and we will teach your group exclusively on a day/time, during the week, that works for you!
email your interest to

Will open again in the Spring of 2024

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