Apply to be a Tirzah Treasure 

We are excited to announce that you can join us either in-person or virtually!

All women currently enrolled receive Awaken Art and other monthly workshops free of charge!

Here is the general outline of what you can expect:

1st Year - Tirzah Tapestry

  • Study & define Biblical leadership principles

  • Study & define the leadership traits of Jesus

  • Study & define leadership of God's Kingdom

  • Discover two-way communication with God

  • Learn & refine how God speaks to you

  • Discover the purpose God placed on your life

  • Discover how to extract revelation from the Bible

  • Embracing & Identifying your spiritual gifts

  • Study & practice living a Godly life

  • Study & practice leading others in Godly ways

  • Discover your creativity and embrace creating

2nd Year - Tirzah Tabernacle

  • Develop the strategy of your calling

  • Focus on your strength in leadership

  • Develop a prayer lifestyle in the workplace

  • Live a lifestyle of hosting God's presence everywhere you go

  • Growing in spiritual authority

  • Leading others with moral excellence

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Discovering the gold in others

  • Effective ways to mobilize and outreach

For Tirzah Treasures that demonstrate exemplary leadership skills after graduation from the 2nd year Tirzah Tabernacle, internships and volunteer positions will be considered with priority. The following openings are currently available:

  • Social Media Volunteer

  • General Ministry Admin Intern

  • Prayer Intercessor Volunteer

  • Community Outreach Volunteer

for 21-22
Academy Facts...

21-22 Academy Year 

  • Treasures in-person

    • Every Tuesday & Thursday

      • ​nights 6:45pm - 9:30pm​

      • All nights are required

      • Some holidays we are closed

    • Begins August 31, 2021 

    • Ends May 3, 2022

    • Cost $2,700

      • Payment plans available​

      • Scholarship opportunities

  • Treasures virtual

    • Every Wednesday

      • ​nights 6:00pm - 8:00pm​  PST​

    • Some holidays we are closed

    • Begins September 8, 2021 

    • Ends April 27, 2022

    • Cost $1,700

    • Payment plans available​