Chief Pastoral Officer
Ruth Struckman

Ruth grew up in the cessationist Protestant church.

She knew Father & Son but did not know Holy Spirit.

She was also unaware that she could have a personal relationship with Jesus but the Lord had other plans for her. As she cried out to Him, He met her where she was at and led her from there to Him.

Her journey with the Lord has resulted in a rich relationship with the Trinity and an understanding of the various gifts she carries. She graduated from the Southern California School of Supernatural Ministry. She interned as a second-year family pastor ministering to students. She also participated in healing prayer at Crown City (PIHOP) in Pasadena, CA as well as other healing prayer forums.

Ruth is joyously continuing her journey with the Lord. He is encouraging her, through Trumpets of Tirzah, to share with other women what was released to her. She is eager to walk with other women on their journey with the Lord to share His freedom and peace.

Ruth is taking appointments for Freedom Prayer! You can book your virtual appointment by clicking here.