Head of Intercession
Shanae Martin

Shanae didn’t grow up in a traditional Christian home. However, she was blessed to have praying grandparents and a praying mother. She attended a private Christian school in her early age where biblical principles were planted within her.

Throughout her younger years she attended the four square church.  Shanae knew the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but she didn’t start following Jesus completely until her late 20’s. When she rededicated her life to Jesus in 2012, the Holy Spirit came right into her heart and everything changed and she was never the same.

Shanae graduated from Oral Roberts University with a bachelor degree in Christian Caregiving and Counseling with a minor in Communication. She also recently completed the Trumpets of Tirzah 9-Month Course and upon completing it, Shanae was equipped with an understanding of God’s desire for her life and gifts.

She is ready to step into the fullness of God’s plans for her. Working along like-minded women whom she calls her sisters is a dream come true.