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Chief Pastoral Officer
Pastor Shanae Martin

Pastor Shanae was born a prayer warrior and is a powerful Prophetic Intercessor! From the time she was a small child her first instinct was to pray when she identified a problem and she has only grown with the Lord since then. She didn’t grow up in a traditional Christian household but she was blessed to attend a private Christian school which planted biblical principles deep inside her.

Pastor Shanae has always walked in the gift of faith, believing without a doubt that she could come before the Lord in prayer and find comfort in knowing He was listening and working it out for her, even when she wasn’t fully following His will for her life. She recalls a time when she was around 16 years old and was going to be short to pay her monthly bills. While she was at work, she prayed to God and asked Him to help her find a way to pay the bills. Within a few short hours, she was looking at the ground and something caught her eye. She walked over, scooped it up and it was money in the exact amount she needed to cover her bills! And since that moment, she knew Psalms 66:19 to be true; “But certainly God has heard [me]; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.”  Several years later, after God kept showing up for her, she rededicated her life to the Lord and fully surrendered it to Him.

Pastor Shanae holds a degree in Christian Caregiving and Counseling from Oral Roberts University, has a minor in Communications and a certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She has a passion for scripture and is disciplined in spending time with the Lord, being guided by His Holy Spirit.  Before she became a part of the Trumpets of Tirzah staff, she completed 2 Tirzah courses including the 9-Month Intensive, and was then commissioned as a Pastor.

She stands on the biblical principle that prayer should be the first response to EVERYTHING. There is mighty power in prayer because it’s a direct communication with Father God Who holds all the resources to give us the answer we are looking for. She is honored to serve every woman that the Lord brings to Tirzah.

Pastor Shanae and her husband currently reside in Columbia, TN with 2 fur babies always at their side.

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