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The Healing Order

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It has been a year of seeing, feeling and experiencing the goodness of our Father. He is so faithful! For the last 11 months we have been on a journey learning about the meaning of numbers from a biblical context. I am amazed at the depth of our heavenly Father’s love for us, His children. I am amazed by how He uses EVERYTHING to reveal Himself to His creation. I am so blessed and gained so many precious truths, which I will hold closely forever!!!  I pray that you have been transformed from the inside out as we sought the heart of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit this year. I love how the Lord speaks to us in such vast and unique ways. 

As I learned about the number 12, I have looked backed on the past months and I can see how everything we studied has led us all to this month, the month of miracles. Only our God can plan and divinely orchestrate our lives using numbers. He always wants His children, to receive EVERYTHING He pours out. I can say personally I am ready, my heart is prepared, my hands are opened and I have my eyes and ears turned to the Father. We are in the month of December and before we know, it will be a brand new year. However, let us not rush through this month but let’s be intentional and grab ahold of every good promise that the Lord has for us.  Be ready to receive from our heavenly Father.

Mark 9:23

Jesus said to him, “ [You say to Me,] If You can? All things are possible for the one who believes and trusts [in Me]!”

The number 12 represents many things. When I begin to think about the number 12, I immediately think about the miracles and the overflowing goodness of the Lord.  Two testimonies from the Bible come to my mind and each testimony has the number 12 in it. Mark 5:21-43 is about miracles! But before I begin I want you to pause, close your eyes if you can and let’s ask the Holy Spirit to remove all fears, doubts or hopelessness and to fill us with HOPE and MORE FAITH. These two miracles are very unique and interesting because they are knitted together.

Jesus was making His way to the home of Jairus, the father of a 12-year girl who needed a healing miracle desperately. On the way, there was a woman in the crowd that had formed around Jesus. She had been battling hemorrhaging blood for 12 years. We know from scripture that she had tried everything from the world to be healed; she had spent all her money and actually became worse instead of finding healing or any relief. She somehow learned about Jesus and His ministry. I’m also confident she heard about the many testimonies of miracles. She knew that if she could just touch part of His cloak, she would be healed. She got on her hands and knees, crawled to Jesus, reached out and touched the hem of His garment. Her faith in Jesus gave her the miracle she sought. She was instantly healed - a miracle for all to see.  Jesus knew that healing had left His body. In Mark 5:34, Jesus said “Daughter, your faith [your personal trust and confidence in Me] has restored you to health; go in peace and be [permanently] healed from your suffering.”

Before this miracle, Jairus was bringing Jesus to heal his daughter. However, Jairus had to pause and wait on the interaction between Jesus and this woman. Even though the interaction may have been only a few moments, Jairus had to wait. When you are in a desperate situation, any delay can seem like hours. Jairus wanted Jesus to keep moving forward without delay to get to his home and his daughter.  BUT JESUS who is never in a hurry or rush, makes time for every need. 

Thelma wrote about the WOW (Wrestle of the Wait) and how something happens in the WOW moments. I believe there must have been wrestling on the inside of Jairus. He had to battle with his own fears, panic and the urgency to get to his daughter as quickly as possible. While waiting, Jairus actually received the news that his daughter died and everyone believed that it was too late.  Jesus said to Jairus in Mark 5:36, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” This is key for the children of God.  The next time fear tries to rise up or a circumstance that evokes fear hear the words of Jesus speaking to you, “Don’t be afraid just believe.”  

You can see how both testimonies involve desperate urgent needs. In the eyes of the Lord both Jairus and the woman were equal. I love the heart of the Father.  He cares for all our needs.  He cares about all of our needs. No one is more important to Him than the other. His will is always to heal, restore and redeem. Let our faith become louder than our fear. Let's set our minds to trust and believe in the LordI recently heard a word about trust the timing and the test! God is always faithful. These two miracles reveal how the Father works! Nothing is impossible with God for those who believe. We must keep our faith and focus on the Lord.  His ways are higher. He is El Shaddai, God Almighty. He is El Roi, The God who sees me.

We learned in February that the number 2 represents so many things but what I found interesting when I went back and saw that 2 represents legal forms of witness, created to testify, pairs and companionship.  Both testimonies of Jairus and the woman with the issue of blood are a witness to every believer. Throughout all the ages, these remind us that we serve a miracle working God. I got the sense that many who are reading this are waiting on a miracle…. a miracle of physical healing… a miracle for emotional healing… a miracle for financial breakthrough… even a miracle for a complete “turn of events”. I looked up the phrase “turn of events” and it is defined as a complete change in what is happening, a dramatic turnaround, a 180 degree turn. I encourage you to go back and listen to the podcast on the number 2. I pray you are encouraged that God is with you, for you are not alone. We are standing with you and believing that this is the season for you to receive your miracle. 

When you see the number 12 may you be reminded that you serve a miracle working God.  May your faith increase to not only receive whatever you need, but to be bold and walk in authority. To walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Stop and pray for those whom God put in front of you and believe for miracles, signs and wonders to flow. Take this month to go higher with the Lord. Be encouraged and remember who your Father says you are. 

Acts 4:30

While you extend your hand to heal, and signs and wonders [attesting miracles] take place through the name [and the authority and power] of Your holy Servant and Son Jesus.

Let your Miracle be a Public Testimony

Scriptures to meditate on: 

  • Luke 1:37 For with God nothing [is ever] shall be impossible.

  • Psalm 106:1 Praise the Lord (Hallelujah!) Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His mercy and lovingkindness endures forever!

The key for the season:  Let your mouth be filled with praise, gratitude, and thanksgiving.


Jesus, you are matchless!  I thank You for everything that You are doing on my behalf. I receive it all. I believe and trust in You. Your timing is perfect and good. This is my season to receive my miracle! This is my season to be a public testimony of Your faithfulness. This is my season to release miracles, signs and wonders. I ask that you give me a breakthrough season. I declare that my miracle is at hand. I ask that You bring Your rest. Activate my awakening to Your ways. Give me peace where there has been strife. Give me vision. Pour Your strength over me so that I can to finish well.

For your glory Jesus. Amen!

If you are looking for a Godly community, accountability and activation. Come and be actively involved in  our Godly community. Get around like-minded people and get strengthened, equipped, and encouraged to step into what God has created you for. Do not let anything stand in your way, even yourself.  Let this be the season that you let nothing hold you back from fulfilling your God-given destiny. Get equipped. Get connected. Get positioned for the Lord.

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Unknown member
Dec 14, 2023

Shanae you have captured so much and i am blessed. Thank you. Don't be afraid, just believe. May those words be inscribed on our hearts and pave the way as we walk after Christ. I am uplifted and encouraged and thoroughly blessed. 😊


Unknown member
Dec 14, 2023

Absolutely love the heart of the Father too so full of compassion. Wonderful blog!

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