Our Programs 

 Our Purpose 

To awaken, rejuvenate, and refuel women through scripture and creativity. 

 Our Mission 

Empowering women to live out their calling while bringing Kingdom influence to the world around them.


 Event Nights 

A creative and joyful way to gather, refocus, and refuel. Each night includes a fun introduction, biblical leadership training, and a creative activity in response to the training. These nights are free of charge, and open to all women.    Check our Events page for dates & details.

 Awaken Art 

You were created in God's image and therefore you were made to be creative! You may not think of yourself as artistic but God feels very different about that. Our 2.5 hour art experience will awaken the creativity that God placed in you. It begins with a creative scripture reading, a guided time of reflection, and an expression of art that you leave with. Each Awaken Art event is unique and so are the art materials and art piece that you will create.  Check our Events page for dates & details.

 Focused Courses

Throughout the year we offer short-term classes that focus on one aspect of Christian living. Each course can be between 4-7 weeks long, meeting one night per week.  Check our Events page for dates & details.


 Nine & Seven Month Treasure Course 

We Activate

* Understand why God created you. - You have a specific purpose in life.

* Understand your worth and value. - You were made to delight God.    

* Learn to hear how God talks to you. - He will guide your every decision.      

* Learn biblical leadership. - Lead from a place of rest.

* Discover the relationship you are meant to have with God.          


We Prepare

* Feel further equipped to lead where God has called you.

* Gain peace in the midst of chaos and adversity.                         

* Develop the unique gifts God has equipped you with.

* Grow in Christian community and accountability.

We Support

* Mentoring through prayer & activities.                               

* Pushing through comfort zones to achieve God's best. 

* Devoted to helping you achieve personal & professional breakthrough. 


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Scripture in Context

Many churches and organizations teach the Bible. We believe that you must read scripture in context.


Understanding verses, in their context, is vital to Biblical understanding.

Academy Hours

9 month Course online

Wednesdays 6pm - 8:30pm

September - April


7 month Course online

Mondays  12:30pm - 2:30pm

January - July

Times listed are Pacific Time


Invest in yourself - YOU ARE WORTH IT!

One year of hands on training, mentoring, and prayer support