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 The Tirzah Tribe 

Our ministry is responsible and accountable. We have spiritual mothers and fathers who have sown into us and continue to keep us sharp. We also have a prayer team who intercedes for the organization, made up of warrior women. And we have a prayer team of men who cover all the women. When you join our community, you have amazing covering! We have an extensive backbone behind the scenes!


We are passionate about living a Godly lifestyle on a daily basis. We put God first in all we do, partner with the Holy Spirit for every decision, and strive to live a life that is a sweet fragrance to the Lord.



We love to serve others. Whether it's in our ministry, in our community, or serving with other non-profits. We have servant hearts and strive to be a blessing to anyone in need.


We believe that every woman has a specific calling on her life.

We affirm that each woman has been created uniquely, perfectly, and is favored by God.


We treat all women as Treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Regardless of past choices, every woman deserves to discover the gold within herself.

Staff photos coming soon.

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I'm delighted to journey with you, as you discover the purpose God has placed upon your life!


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Shanae Martin

Head of Intercession

You were made worthy by our beautiful Lord! You walk in His favor.

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