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 The Tirzah Tribe 

Our staff has experience in serving many other churches, organizations, ministries and businesses. We have a large array of working with, and working for, both private and public sectors in a variety of marketplace industries. It is our goal to equip each of our clients to be effective where God has asked you to be while maintaining the peace of Jesus each step of the way. We approach Godly living from a place of wholeness; addressing spirit, mind and body. 

We follow biblical protocol as we approach every situation, whether it's how to flourish or conflict resolution. We are passionate about living Godly lives and bringing the Light of Christ with every footstep we take. Our goal is to provide God's children with biblical understanding and give simple action steps to take so that each person can incorporate God's ways into their daily life and ensure that all areas of  life are aligned with His will and purpose.   



We love to serve others. Whether it's in our ministry, our community or serving with other non-profits. We have servant hearts and strive to be a blessing to anyone in need.


We believe that every person has been created with a specific calling on their life. We affirm that each person is meant to make a great impact for the Kingdom of God and is used in His Master Plan. 


Our focus is primarily on women and we treat all women as Treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven. Regardless of past choices, every woman deserves to discover the gold within herself and walk in her destiny.



Pastor Carina has a passion for activating and equipping God's children. 


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Chief Pastoral Officer

Pastor Shanae walks in boundless love and compassion for God's children.


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Director of Media

Jeff has over 20 years of experience working as a digital cinematographer and editor. He runs Master's Media, the film department for Trumpets of Tirzah.


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View his latest film here

Trumpets of Tirzah is a member of:

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 Prayer Team & Pastoral Board 
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