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Welcome to Awaken Art
A Creative Retreat bringing you closer to the Lord.

Awaken the creativity inside you through intimacy with God. 

Awaken Art is a retreat of peace, tranquility and creativity. It is designed to focus on the Lord while partnering with His Holy Spirit. Each gathering starts with a time of relaxation, reflection time in scripture, then creating an art piece as an expression of spending time in God's presence. 

Through this process, you learn skills of relaxing in God's presence, communicating with God's Holy Spirit, and developing your own creative talents in a safe and accepting environment. Essentially you are developing your skills to become a Prophetic Artist using multi-media. However, you do NOT need artistic skills - you only need a DESIRE to create with our Creator. Our God, Who is the Creator of everything, made us in His own spiritual likeness. So because God is THE Creator, and very creative, then we are too! You were created to also create! God's definition of creativity is not about an end result; it is the process and the journey of actually creating. Creativity is in our DNA. Join us, you'll see how it's true and it WILL unlock something new in you!

Every Awaken Art event is unique. 

Each Awaken Art event has it's own unique theme. Our event begins with looking at God's definitions and coming into the peace of Jesus. We look at scripture and then you'll be guided into a reflection time, partnering with the Holy Spirit. After our reflection time, you'll be guided by Pastor Carina, step-by-step into the creation process.  It's a very peaceful time in the Lord's presence while creating an art piece that reflects your reflection time. There is nothing that you need to know, or have ability to do on your own. It's a slow guided process and you'll feel immense peace the entire time.


You must register in order to get the link to join in our next retreat.  CLICK HERE to see when our next Awaken Art Retreat is and register to join us! 

In addition, Pastor Carina takes custom orders for personalized prophetic art portraits.  LEARN MORE HERE

Do you want Pastor Carina to host Awaken Art at your home or church? She travels! 
Send an email to: for inquiries and rates.

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