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Awaken the creativity inside you through intimacy with God. 

Our God, Who is the Creator of everything, made us in His own spiritual likeness. So because God is a Creator, and very creative, then we are too! You were created to also create!


Awaken Art was created to designate a time to intentionally connect with the Lord and partner with His creativity.  Creativity is not about an end result; it is the process and the journey of  actually creating. Creativity is in our DNA. 

Every Awaken Art event is unique. 

We use different materials and different mediums but you can always count on glitter being present.  It's a safe place for women to gather, reflect, and express yourself in a way that is honoring to God. NO ARTISTIC ABILITY NEEDED - just a desire to create and to spend time with the Lord in the presence of other Christian women. 


We begin with scripture and you'll be guided through a process of using your imagination and connecting with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. It's a very peaceful time, in a beautiful ambiance, to create a very unique art piece.

You will leave with your art and a most memorable experienceCLICK HERE to register for our next event!