Carina Dawn Reed

Carina grew up in the Christian church.

Her grandfather was a Methodist minister so she grew up with a biblical foundation. But Carina didn't meet Holy Spirit until her late

thirties, and that made all the difference. Carina attended, and graduated, from the Pasadena International House of Prayer ministry school. It was there she learned to hear God's voice and partner with the Holy Spirit. She then became passionate about modern evangelism and spreading the gospel, in power and love.

Carina was on staff for 5 years with Southern California School of Supernatural Ministry. (Yes, the name sounds a little new age but it's NOT. We serve a supernatural God.  =)  It's modeled after the Bethel ministry school in Redding, CA.) She oversaw the all 1st year students and the 1st year Family Pastors. During these years she realized that she developed a passion for teaching on the Holy Spirit and helping others grow spiritually.

In July 2017, after returning from a mission trip to India, Holy Spirit said to Carina "It's time." It was time for her to start planning her departure from her ministry staff position and start her own academy within her own neighborhood. A couple months later, Trumpets of Tirzah, in name, was born.  She then gathered a team of godly women and they began praying and planning during 2018.

Trumpets of Tirzah officially launched their first 9-month course in August of 2019. After two years of praying and planning.  It has been by the grace of God, obedience to Him, and His provision that Trumpets of Tirzah  opened.

Carina has developed, and teaches, the courses at Trumpets of Tirzah. All the credit, honor, and glory go to God as it was by His Holy Spirit that the courses were written. She is passionate about teaching the Bible, in context, with historical and Holy Spirit revelation. Carina's desire is to unveil each woman's purpose to them while making the Bible come alive.

Carina hears God very clearly. Her calling is to women within an intimate setting. She has a prophetic voice and loves one-on-one ministry. Her current phrase - "She is called to the few who are called to the many."