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 Our Purpose 

To awaken, rejuvenate, and refuel women

through scripture and creativity. 

 Our Mission

Empowering women to live out their calling while bringing Kingdom influence to the world around them. 

Biblical Lifestyle

As followers of Christ, we are called to follow Christ's example.

As we learn to live by God's precepts, and be guided by God's Holy Spirit, we can lead others with Godly principles.

We need to live it out before we can lead others in it.

Biblical Leadership

Godly leadership looks very different than worldly leadership. When you are a Christian you are called to lead with God's principles, not the world's. We train and mentor women how to lead others with biblical principles across all/any industries.

Passionate about uniting the body of Christ through women in leadership!

Join us. Awaken Your Purpose. Be Transformed.

Trumpets of Tirzah was founded in 2017 by Pastor Carina Dawn Reed.

We are organized as a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian church. 170(b)(1)(A)(i)

We provide Christian lifestyle and Christian leadership training & services to women all over the world; life coaching & business mentoring for women from a biblical perspective.  Whether you are a leader already, or aspire to be one, we'll help you stay focused on God's Kingdom ways, refining your Godly leadership skills, so you can make

ethical and moral decisions for your life and career.

All of our trainings use the Bible, in context, with scripture that confirms scripture.

Our staff is guided by God's Holy Spirit and educated in Biblical Studies.

Our Gatherings

Each gathering we host is designed to take you deeper into understanding God's character, grow your spiritual maturity, and empower you to live a bold life serving as the light of Jesus in your sphere of influence.

Training Style

Compassionate & empowering. Our goal is to lead women into an intimate relationship with the Lord and help you understand the Holy Spirit's role in daily life.

We provide practical life application tips, action steps to produce Godly habits, and accountability.

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Trumpets of Tirzah was established as a safe place for women to come together, rejuvenate, redefine, and refuel -

while pursuing God and unlocking their full potential and purpose in life.

We span all ages and stages of life.

We are intentional about authentic engagement and
genuine fellowship. We offer a myriad of ways that you can join us!
Created with Purpose

We spend our young lives learning about how to function in the world. God expects us to learn His ways, so we can live in the way He intended.

This video features testimony highlights from actual students.

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