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Sweet Isn't Weak

Our culture has a saying “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.” And this definitely applies to God!

We see Jesus as loving, sweet, and patient until something of the Father grieves Him - then we watch Him turn over the tables, literally.

It takes a much stronger person to turn the other cheek than it does to lash out and retaliate. That is one of the many things that set Jesus apart from others. And in this exact same way we need to set ourselves apart from the world otherwise we look like everyone else.

God wants His children to look different. He never asked us to blend in. We saw in the Old Testament how He asked the men not to shave and the women to not wear jewelry so that when they walked into the Promised Land they would be set apart from those already living there.

Culture sets the trends and tells everyone they need to look ‘this’ way but what would our world look like if as Christians we set ourselves apart? At what point in history did we decide that it was ok to fit in?

To set ourselves apart would mean that our mindset would change. Our desires would change, our expectations would change, our habits would change, and therefore our lives as we know them would change. And then we WOULD be set apart. And yes, that is a lot to change but isn’t Jesus worth it? Isn’t your eternal soul worth it? One day, when it’s our last, we will no longer have a second chance.

Christian leaders need to look like Jesus. We need to stop taking the worlds leadership classes and start studying the life of Jesus and His leadership! If we don’t our world will be more of the same and I think we can all agree that we don’t ever want a repeat of 2020. We, every single one of us, is supposed to speak up and speak out when something goes against Gods ways.

It’s our job to be sweet until the Father is being grieved and then it’s time to turn over some tables. God has our back so often it’s about time that we have His. The only way we can learn Gods principles is by studying scripture and being led by the Holy Spirit. We must have both. And we need one another.

Iron sharpens iron, it cannot sharpen itself. If you are a woman that feels your spirit stirring now, act upon and put in an application for our 9-month course. It’s time we live and lead as God intends us to and our community of women is ready to welcome you. Let’s journey, support, and empower one another!

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