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The Creator is Calling

Do you hear it? It’s this quiet little voice, a whisper that feels like it’s calling to you from your inner self. It may be a faint prompting or you might hear it loud and clear – either way it’s there. It’s always talking to us, guiding us, and sometimes even comforting us. Sometimes it gets called “women’s intuition” but let’s identify it… it is the Holy Spirit speaking to you with words from God the Father, Creator of all things.

His calling may sound like the chirp of birds, a babbling brook, a baby’s laugh, or a mighty wind. His calling might come in the form of a thought or idea or even an emotion. His call is constant, it’s steady, and most of all it’s trustworthy.

During this time of Christmas celebrations many people are more open to hearing and feeling this prompting. The child within each one of us comes alive during Christmas and it’s that child-like faith that allows our mind to be open to receiving from the Lord. Just as Jesus told us to have the faith of a child, believing that all things are possible, we open ourselves up to the Creator without even realizing it.

Acts 2:39

For the promise [of the Holy Spirit] is for you and your children and for all who are far away [including the Gentiles], as many as the Lord our God calls to Himself.”

The Holy Spirit searches out the words of the Father and then relates them to us. During His communications we will experience feelings or thoughts that just seem to “pop” into our head or come out of “nowhere.” But don’t be fooled – it’s your Creator Who is calling to you. He longs for you to acknowledge Him.

He is calling out to His beautiful creation. He is proud of the person you’ve become and wants to give guidance and encouragement to make life a bit smoother. He is calling out to you because He loves you. He knows every hair upon your head, He knows every thought inside your head, and all He wants to do is be close to you. Just as we each long for closeness to others, our Creator wants to be close to us. After all, He loves us so much that He wants to spend eternity with us.

During this Christmas week, take time to listen to your Creator speaking to you. As you pass beautiful Christmas lights ask Him what He has to say about them. When you feel the joy of Christmas bubble up inside you, know that He is delighting in your joy that same moment. The more you listen to your Creator calling to you, the more He will start to say. Allow Him to surprise you. Allow Him to take you on a beautiful journey – one filled and fueled by trust. Say “YES” to Him this Christmas and watch the beauty that will unfold before you.

Your Creator is calling to you and He’s waiting for you to answer.

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