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Wrapping up the Number 9

Have you stepped into God's plan for your life? Here are all the podcasts/sermons/and blogs below so that you can get equipped and ready! Remember, in order to step into God's Plan for Man, you have to go through steps in #7 and #8.


Church Sermons:

Blog Posts:

Listen and re-listen. Dedicate time each day to taking one action step on the path that God has for you. Allow your actions to show the Lord that you are serious about His ways and the living the life that He has for you.

Join us for church service every Wednesday to be equipped in real time with a like-minded community. Click THIS LINK to find our next live stream.

Blessings to your journey with the Lord and fulfilling the purpose that He created you for!

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
04 oct. 2023

So amazing!!!

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