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Light of the World

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(Click the black box above to see a preview of the film) Are miracles real? What if you experienced one? How might that affect your life? Follow one woman's journey into the impossible and discover how an early death prognosis became an opportunity for new life. This short film has a run time of 35 minutes. A note from the filmmaker: In the Spring of 2018 I set out to make a film which tells the story of how my wife was miraculously healed on two different occasions. This ambitious project was brought to a sudden and prolonged halt when I became extremely ill for a lengthy period of time. The film was derailed indefinitely, and each time I went back to work on it, I would become sick again with something new I had not experienced before... as though something sinister didn't want this healing story to be told. Instead of making a film about my wife's painful journey through affliction, I found myself contending with my own. This film chronicles Carina's most difficult years, and the story behind the film chronicles mine. My hope and prayer is that the Lord will use it to inspire and uplift others who find themselves in impossible circumstances. First and foremost, this is a thank you to God for His healing hand, and secondly for those who find themselves at the end of their rope. My intent is not to provide all the answers, but to encourage people to ask their own questions and to invite them to sit in awe of God's majesty and goodness.



Light of the World, $5.00


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