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BELOVED disciple

Although he has never been identified, scholars still debate who is the original author of the book of John many believe that the identity of the “beloved disciple” is John. I personally believe there is an important message about why the identity isn’t clearly made known and was left out intentionally for two important KEYS that we need to grab hold of in our personal lives. It shows that this title can be for anyone who draws close to the Lord and it is an example for the believer to know it is possible to learn to love and to be loved by the Lord. When you have a revelation of the Lord's love, friendship, and closeness, your identity simply fades away and only the Lord’s love, compassion, and radiance is visible.

I began to ask WHAT does Beloved mean? What is the importance of this word? The world defines BELOVED as an adjective (a word or phrase naming an attribute). Beloved is a greatly loved; dear to the heart. Beloved is a noun (a person, place, or thing) and is defined as a “much-loved person”. The bible defines beloved as a term of affectionate endearment. The Hebrew derivatives: ‘ahebh, this word is mentioned in the Old Testament which means “TO BREATHE” or “LONG FOR” and corresponds “TO PREFER” which is mentioned in the New Testament. Both words are used for God’s love FOR HIS CHILDREN. It is interestingly in the New Testament, the word Beloved is used singularly for DIVINE and CHRISTIAN love. WOW, think about this for a second. This is how the Father sees YOU and feels towards YOU!

In John 13:23, it says,“ One of His disciples, whom Jesus loved (esteemed), was leaning against Jesus’ chest.” When I read this verse, I see John’s posture was before the Lord. Jesus had a close relationship with John. You can see John felt safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Reading the book of John, you can see the close personal relationship he had with Jesus. I believe this is a very important key and a posture of identity that John had. He understood the deep love that Jesus has for His children. I believe that we all should have this personal posture towards our loving heavenly Father, a POSITION of identity. John called himself “the disciple who Jesus loved”. We can say we know Jesus loves us, BUT do we know this truth like John did? We have want to RECEIVE this truth for ourselves so that we can WALK IN IT.

Beloved, the disciple whom Jesus loved is the “title” or nickname that John the disciple gave himself. DO you know that YOU are the Lord’s beloved and that the Lord is jealous for YOU?

HE wants a deep and intimate relationship with YOU. In Genesis, we see how Adam and Eve walked with the Lord in the cool of the day (Gen:3:8). Enoch is another person that reveals an example of friendship and intimacy that we too can have with the Lord. Enoch walked faithfully with God for 300 years! Enoch lived in a fallen world much like we do today, BUT he lived a life fully CONNECTED and intertwined with Abba, the Father. WOW what a lovely example for us. As His children, we can have this same closeness with the Lord. The depth of God’s love for us is unmeasurable and uncontainable – no mountain high enough or pit deep enough for that His love can’t reach us. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the pit of despair or a mountain of you own making, God will meet you there.

I pray that this post stirs you to see as the Lord as He sees you and that you would begin a lifelong love story with the Lord. May John, the beloved, and Enoch, a friend of God, stir in you to know Jesus, the Father and the precious Holy Spirit in a deeper way. I know I want to be like John with my head on the chest of Jesus forever listening to His heartbeat and His rhythm until it become my own. Allowing the breath of Yahweh to breathe over me.

My Prayer for myself and for all those who read this is:

Holy Spirit AWAKEN our hearts to know how LOVED we are. Holy Spirit activate a longing and desire for only Jesus in a greater measure like never before. Holy Spirit give us a fresh revelation of the Father’s love and, that in turn, we will love all who You place in our kingdom space. Holy Spirit helps me to posture myself to RECEIVE this truth and to walk in it. In the mighty name of Jesus AMEN.

We see how this powerful understanding, of our Father’s Love, has for His beloved children ignites us to become reflections of Jesus. Jesus freely gave His life so that we could be free set free but also so that we can walk in FREEDOM. Jesus freely gives his love and heart to anyone who will behold it. The relationship we can have with Jesus, which is to know Him as He knows us, is available right now. The infinite affection and everlasting LOVE is for us NOW and all the days of our lives.

We have an eternal Valentine EVERY DAY an invitation to draw close to Jesus above everything else and in turn, we gain HIM. If this article speaks to you, I urge you to sign up for one of our events or make a spiritual direction appointment. Get into a community that is founded in the truth of the Lord. Get equipped so that you can walk in the foundation of the Lord and then in turn impart it to others. Please let us know of a time you felt the LOVE of Jesus in your life in the comment section below.

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This is such a beautiful message! God is truly AMAZING!!!


Feb 10, 2022

That's so beautiful & encouraging! ❤ Thank you!

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