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Fearless in 2022

Every new calendar year I ask the Lord to give me a message for Trumpets of Tirzah and our Tribe. For the past three years it has been a word only for us to know. But as I sought the Lord for 2022 I heard the Holy Spirit say "Warrior Women Rise Up!" And I knew immediately that this was going to be a message for more than the three of us.

The first word after that I heard the Holy Spirit say was "fearless." And He gave me this incredible image of a woman sitting on the ground, in a field picking flowers, as if she didn't have a single care in the world. And that was because, standing behind her, as her protector, was a lion 3 times her size roaring over her, standing guard. I hope you can picture that in your mind because the picture in my mind is full of awe.

As the world raises up women leaders, they expect these women to look fierce and ready to fight. The world wants women, who rise to the top, to be a slightly feminine version of what a man-in-charge looks like. But only SLIGHTLY feminine. But God didn't make women to look like men (or men to look like women.) We are to embrace our feminine side! In order to be fearless we don't need to look fierce. After all, Jesus was born into a modest family and the only crown He wore on His head, while He walked on this earth, was a crown of thorns. To many that didn't look very royal. That didn't "look" like the Son of God. That's how God works! The world tells us to "look the part" and God says "watch who I pick to use."

Luke 4:10-11

for it is written and forever remains written,

‘He will command His angels concerning You to guard and protect You,’

and,‘they will lift You up on their hands, So that You do not strike Your foot against a stone.’”

These are the words of Jesus that were spoken to the devil. Jesus was fasting in the wilderness and the devil came to temp and taunt Him. To the devil, Jesus appeared to be a vulnerable target. He was alone, He was hungry, and He might have even been overheated. He "appeared" to be weak. But God is STRONG! God is strength! Appearances can be so deceiving! Jesus knew His Father and His Father's Kingdom so well that He didn't hesitate to recite this scripture about how He was protected. He was fearless! He knew He had His Father's ultimate protection. And so do you!

So beloved women, embrace your feminine side. Let the world think that you are weak. God will use it every time (trust me - I know from experience.)

If you are reading this, God is asking YOU to become fearless! He wants you to armor-up in His strength and continue to live life to the fullest. Know that with God ALL things are possible. It doesn't matter how you've acted in the past. It doesn't matter if people in your life have pointed out handfuls of your weaknesses, it's time for YOU to rise up for the glory of God. God wants to use YOU and your voice for His Kingdom and His purposes.

I'm training an army of women who look unassuming, that God is, and will, use in mighty ways! And being fearless for the Lord is the only thing that will keep you sane in 2022.

God created you in His spiritual likeness. God has NOTHING to fear and therefore that's true for you. God created you to be fearless for Him. God created you for such a time as this! Take an inventory of your priorities and see if they line up with God's priorities. God is calling you, in THIS year, to rise up, to rise to top, and become the fearless warrior He made, in the package that He made you in.

Warrior Women Rise Up!

For the entire month of January our theme will be "Fearless!"

If you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you, nudging you, to take the next step then sign up for our course that starts January 17. You can also sign up for our Taste & See night, which is free, to test and see if you will continue to feel the Spirit's prompting. Change the course of your life. Change your daily mindset.

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