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Wisdom of Black & White

Have you found that it's not simple to make choices in a complicated world? As Christians we are called to love others and sometimes by loving we give too much weight to their opinion and it goes against what God's word says. And when we don't know God's word then we don't even realize that we are partnering with an idea that goes against God.

The Bible is very black and white, just like God is. We read that there is a heaven and hell. There is not a third option or a gray area. And because God is a constant, and He remains the same, the instructions in our Bible are also black and white. There is God's way and there is a sinful way. There isn't a third choice. That really puts things in perspective - if it's NOT God's way then it's sin. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Matthew 12:30

He who is not with Me [once and for all on My side] is against Me; and he who does not [unequivocally] gather with Me scatters.

Those are the words of Jesus. It's very black and white. If you are not pro-Jesus then by default you are against Him. There is no third option or gray area.

If you know me, you know that I am a person of joy. But the more I see the world departing from the ways of Jesus, the more the Lord puts this message on my heart. He has given us this beautiful gift of free will that gives us the freedom of choice. And every parent wants their child to choose them.

Father God is no different. His only desire is that we choose Him. But if we don't, the Bible tells us then we are against Him. We are not to abuse God's grace. We are not to willfully sin and then ask forgiveness later. At some point, in each of our lives, we will no longer have a 'later.'

Matthew 12:36-37

But I tell you, on the day of judgment people will have to give an accounting for every careless or useless word they speak. For by your words [reflecting your spiritual condition] you will be justified and acquitted of the guilt of sin; and by your words [rejecting Me] you will be condemned and sentenced.

These aren't the harsh words of Jesus, they are truthful words of Jesus. Truth only feels harsh when you are being convicted of it. Christians, for decades, have not wanted to offend others and that has turned into offending God. I am a student of my Bible and I know that I do not want to be on the end of God's wrath. That is what's harsh, Human wrath is NOTHING next to God's wrath! So are you a gambler? Do you want to wager a bet that you have another day to ask for forgiveness?

Choosing God's wisdom and His ways is a very simple choice. But if we're married to sin, the divorce can be painful. Many are fearful of the pain so they stay in the sin. But our Bible tells us that it's better to cut off a body part then to stay in sin. (Matthew 5:29-30) That is what Jesus said to convey the message of how bad sin is and how much it hurts Father God. That is a very black and white explanation.

Life is simpler and easier when we follow the Bible's instructions. It's not a promise that everything will be smooth and easy, but it will be way easier than trying to live life by our own rules.

Here's my prayer for you today...

Dear Lord,

I pray for the sweet woman reading this right now. Lord I ask that you would identify any sin she's holding onto so she can ask You for forgiveness. I thank you for your patience and grace for her as she learns more about Your ways.

Holy Spirit, put a fire in this woman! Give her a hunger for the Lord's truth! May she want to live out the rest of her days pursuing You and all that You want her to do in this world! Show her the very purpose that You created her for and give her a strategy of how to move forward.

Father, give this woman a boldness to proclaim Your good character both in public and private. May her life be a living testimony to all those around her. Make her aware of any relationships that she needs to let go of because You are not in them. Bring this woman into community with other like-minded and God-fearing women that she can be a part of.

Thank you for Your refining fire.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray!


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