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Wise are the Depths

God's wisdom is fascinating. I'm captivated by thinking about. How the mind of God works, the layers and depths to His ways. The more I reflect on it the more fragmented my own thoughts become because of His magnificence!

Job 11:7-8a

Can you discover the depths of God?

Can you [by searching] discover the limits of the Almighty [ascend to His heights, extend to His widths, and comprehend His infinite perfection]?

His wisdom is as high as the heights of heaven. What can you do?

To take the time to ponder the heights of heaven, I become undone.

The more time I spend reflecting on scripture, searching out where it connects, and sit in stillness knowing that my Lord and Savior sits beside me, I'm aware of exactly how much we can't understand God's ways. And so, as a good daughter, I trust Him with all that I am. I trust my good Father like a toddler trusts their mother. Without a need to understand the inner workings or the answers to 'why.'

This is also where I start to understand scripture more and more. When you let go and trust there is a connection that happens and through that connect the Holy Spirit starts to teach you. In this same way, this is why the Pharisees could not grasp the words of Jesus. They couldn't let go. To them, God was a piece of paper within scrolls. He wasn't an active God, He was a God that once was active, did great things, and therefore deserved to be praised for it. And that part is true but that's only a piece of it. If I were to study the life of Billy Graham, and know all the stats of his personal life (even down to his height, weight, favorite foods) I still can't claim that he was a friend of mine. The Pharisees thought they could do this with God but if we can't do that with another human being then we certainly cannot do that with our Almighty God!

Reflect on your own life for a moment and all the people that have become a part of it. The good and the hard situations that you've walked through, all the things you've learned along the way, and every person who has contributed to shaping you. A word that was spoken to you in elementary school that you still remember to this day. A kind gesture from a stranger that then became a friend. A prayer you prayed for someone who was at their lowest point. God, in all His wisdom, in order to shape you for His purpose, put them all in your path. In His glory of wisdom, He used all those people to shape who you've become today so you could fulfill the reason He created you.

That is God's wisdom. That is a drop in the bucket of the depths of how He orchestrates every single life. It's incredible! It's profound! It's like standing on a hilltop, looking over a city, and realizing how small you are in comparison to what you are looking at. But the difference about the Kingdom of God compared to our world is that we aren't "small". We are very significant!

In the same way that God puts people into our path to shape us, He is also using us and putting us in the path of others to help shape them! Each time you are running 'late', each time traffic has backed up, each time the grocery line was longer than expected, it's all God's timing. In the depths of God's wisdom He orchestrates the timing of all.

1 Corinthians 2:10

For God has unveiled them and revealed them to us through the [Holy] Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things [diligently], even [sounding and measuring] the [profound] depths of God [the divine counsels and things far beyond human understanding].

The depths of our Lord are PROFOUND! The wisdom of God is far beyond our understanding! We must be ok with letting go and letting God. He is wise, we are sheep. Are you a Pharisee, believing that God is only found on the written pages of our Bible or do you sit in His presence and ask Him to show you His glory?

If you are ready to lay it all down, and follow God the way He wants to be followed, then I invite you to start engaging with our community of like-minded women. Take a step of faith and join us for one of our virtual meetings. Come and experience the presence of God and watch His Word come to life before your eyes.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 20, 2022

Thank you Lord for drawing us into relationship with You. 🌈🌈🌈

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