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God's Treasure Trove

As we look at the treasures of God this month, I'm struck by the fact that God's treasures are endless. You could spend a lifetime just studying the treasures of God. By finding one treasure it leads to another. And because God is limitless, so are His treasures.

It's mind boggling to try and comprehend the goodness of the Lord. Even when we have a deep understanding of it, it's only deep from a human perspective. And then what is deep to me might not seem deep to you. Oh the layers of God that we are able to get lost in! It's just magnificent!

This past week I had the honor to speak at a women's conference in south India. And although I have taken many trips to that beautiful land, this time it was just over Zoom. I admit that I am only learning to enjoy virtual communications. I love to hug people and I love to lay hands on people when I'm praying for them. Being virtual doesn't achieve the same thing. But as I saw those beautiful faces from across the earth, my heart was moved and suddenly I felt as if I was transported there.

My heart began to melt for those people, even over the screen. I'm not sure why God has assigned India to me. But for almost 30 years God has connected me in one way or another to Indian people. Somehow in my heart they are my people. And although I would much rather greet them in person, my soul was satisfied over the screen time.

I told these beautiful women about God's treasures. The treasures of God are different than what man thinks about treasure. So when we understand God's treasures we can shift our values to His values. For many people this mind-shift is a life long process. We grow up in the world that tells us what, who, and how to value. So we have to intentionally choose to read our bible and discover what God values. And once we think we understand, and put it into practice, then we discover more understanding and how we need to be even better at living in righteousness.

But God takes us deeper, and gives us more understanding, because we are His true treasures. In Genesis 1, every time God created something He called it good. And when He created man He gave man authority over all the good things that He created. We have been given authority over all else because we are God's favorite. We are His treasures of treasure.

So I looked over all these video squares on my Zoom screen. And what I saw was God's treasures from the other side of the earth. All in-person thoughts faded away because I was focused on these beautiful treasures of God. God was gathering His treasure trove across the miles to be united as one body under the name Jesus. That is incredibly beautiful! And that shifted my own mindset to embracing the computer screen. It's not about what I'm missing, it's all about uniting. God will connect His treasures in a way that pleases Him. And right now virtual unity is pleasing God.

Deuteronomy 26:18

Today the Lord has declared that you are His people, His treasured possession, just as He promised you, and that you are to keep all His commandments;

Maybe you have been blessed with an in-person community. Maybe you look at your computer as an enemy and not a friend. But whatever your situation, God made us for community. God loves to connect His treasured possessions together. And when we gather in His name, regardless of how it happens, we bring more honor and glory to Him.

You are God's treasure and He wants you to gather with His other treasures.

I encourage you to join me and the Tirzah Tribe for our 9-Month Course, where we call our students Treasures. We treasure all women and we are devoted to seeing you live out the life that God has destined for you.

You can also visit our YouTube page and watch the videos this month on God's treasures. Leave a comment there and share with other women - plus don't forget to Subscribe! In addition you can find our Podcast on iTunes and Spotify - just search Trumpets of Tirzah.

God's richest blessings to you!

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