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Wrapping up Number Two

We've had such a rich month of studying the number two and what truly equally yoked community is supposed to look like by God's Design.

Here's what we've discovered through scripture this month:

Two =

  • Companionship/Fellowship in equally-yoked community

  • Legal forms of witness, governmentally & spiritually

  • Created to testify

  • God’s dwelling place

You can only grasp God's deeper meanings by listening to ALL of the teachings. Otherwise you will only get a partial understanding.

Here are the podcast episode links on YouTube. Most are about 15 minutes long:

Here are the church sermons on the number one. Sermons are one hour long:

We have to take our time studying the things of God. Numbers are so foundational to our world and how God uses them. If you haven't felt yourself spiritually grow this month, be sure to re-listen to the items above so you have a deep foundational understanding of the number two, where it is in scripture, and what it means to your life.

There's also so much more to the number two - so I encourage you to look at more scriptures in the Bible to discover more treasures of how God uses the number two. And keep looking around you to hear God speaking.

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