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Wrapping Up the Number 4

As you have seen by now, our study on numbers hasn't actually been on the number itself, and that is God's way of using things. Each number, from God's perspective represents something about Him and His created order. By studying numbers, we learn more about the Lord, how He works, and how we are supposed to live.

Here's what we've learned about the Lord through the number 4:

The number 4 = God's Creative Movement

  • God is always in motion, He invites us to partner with Him

    • We can partner with Him by power of the Holy Spirit

    • We have to stand firmly in faith

  • God's creative movements sometimes will look messy

  • He makes a way where there is no way

  • A time of consecration

  • A time of covenant testing

  • A time of gaining authority

  • To protect, to defend, to guard

You can only grasp God's deeper meanings by listening to ALL of the teachings. Otherwise you will only get a partial understanding.

Here's a link to the other podcasts in this series:

And if you want to go deeper, here are the church sermons also on this topic:

As we train ourselves in the ways of the Lord, we need to listen, re-listen, and re-listen to sound teachings so that our beliefs line up with God's Truths. In order to be more equipped, re-listen to the messages above.

May it be your heart's desire to partner every hour of every day with God's creative movement in your life!

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3 commentaires

Membre inconnu
05 oct. 2023

I LOVE the ability to come back to the wrap ups and reveal and revisit these teachings! Lord, thank you for creative movement taking place in my life.


Membre inconnu
02 mai 2023

So powerful!!! Praise you Lord your ways are amazing!!!

Membre inconnu
05 mai 2023
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