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East Wind of Victory

Every time the north, south, east, and west winds blow, they come before a move of God. As you read, allow the prophetic wind of the Spirit blow over you. Ask the wind of God to blow over every area of your life.

Heaven's winds are under God's power, authority, and government. April is the month of movement! Pastor Carina's latest blog post introduces us to the number four and how it represents the movement of God and how we serve a God of motion. The number four represents God's creative movement. This is good news, and I am praising the Lord for His wind of movement. I don't know about you, but I am ready to continue to move forward and step into the new thing God is doing. Let's position ourselves to move with God. It is critical to be intentional with our time and our life choices. We want to align every area with our Creator. We are in a season of advancement and being positioned by the Lord for His purpose.

This month, I was instantly drawn to the four winds of God. The wind is a natural movement of air and other gases that accrue in various scales, ranging from thunderstorm to a local breeze generated by heating. The wind is moving. Wind, from a biblical perspective, can symbolize many things; it can be a messenger of divine intervention and it can also symbolize the vital breath of God. I want you to pause again and position yourself before the Lord and give Him space to bring you into alignment with Him. We need to get our steps in order and have our ear to our Father's heart. We receive our orders from our King. When the Bible mentions wind, remember that the four winds encompass all directions of the four corners of the earth. Immediately two scriptures came to my mind as I thought about this.

  • Isaiah 6:3 - Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is filled with His glory.

  • Philippians 2:10-11 - So that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall Bow now [in submission], of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess and openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord [sovereign], God, to the glory of God the Father.

It is interesting while I have been studying wind and movement. Where I live, we have combated some of the strongest wind imaginable; tornadoes and serve thunderstorms. The Lord has been teaching my husband and I the power of peace in the middle of these storms. As we stay grounded in peace it will dissipate the storm. Remember we serve Jesus Who is the Prince of Peace. Where peace is, chaos cannot remain. I encourage you to speak to the storm and cover it in the supernatural peace of God. Start speaking peace over your home, over your mind, over your neighborhood, over you city. Speak PEACE over everything and watch how it will change.

I am going to focus on the east wind because it reminds us of Who our defense is. In Him, we have the victory. In Him, we are safe and secure. In Him, we have our path. Remember no matter what happens in the world around us, God is greater. His way is perfect and by His Divine design. He is always in motion to fulfill His plan. The east wind in the Bible is mentioned several times. The east wind clears the path for the believer removing enemies, obstacles and all stumbling blocks. The east blows away anything that can hinder you and prepares your way to walk into your miracle. Here are some examples of how the east wind cleared the path for the miracle and removed any obstacles of the enemy. May they encourage you and strengthen you as you move forward in this season.

  • Exodus 14:21 - Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord swept the sea back by a strong east wind all that night and turned the seabed into dry land, and the waters were divided.

  • Job 27:21 - The east wind lifts him up, and he is gone; It sweeps him out of his place.

  • Psalm 48:7-8 - With the east wind You shattered the ships of Tarshish shattered by the east wind. As we have heard, so we have seen in the city of the Lord Almighty, in the city of God makes her secure forever.

  • Isaiah 41:2-3 - Who has stirred up and put into action from the east [the king of Persia, Cyrus the great} Whom He calls in righteousness to His service and whom victory meets at every step? The Lord turns nations over to him And subdues kings. He makes them like dust with his sword. Like wind- driven chaff with his bow. He (Cyrus) pursues them and passes along safely, By a way, his feet had not traveled before.

The wind of God reveals His power and glory. The testimony, in the scripture below, was an encouragement to the children of Israel of what God had done and reminded them of what God would do again.

Joshua 4:23-24

For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan for you until you crossed over, just

as the Lord your God did to the Red Sea, which He dried up before us until we had crossed;

so that all the peoples of the earth may know [without any doubt] and acknowledge that the hand of the Lord is mighty and extraordinarily powerful so that you will fear the Lord your God [and obey and worship Him with profound awe and reverence.]

The time is now to get equipped in the ways of God. The time is now to link up with strong godly community. The time is here to step into your calling and purpose. The time is now to be discipline in the ways of our Lord and Savior. Be set apart! Join our community which walks in unity. Get propelled into action and advance the Kingdom of God. We are either for God against Him/ (Matthew 6:24, Luke 11:23, John 15:5)

My Prayer:

You, Lord are faithful, and there is none above You. I place my trust in You alone. Everything must submit to You. Lord, blow Your wind upon my life. Remove what needs to be removed. Clear my path from all obstacles of the enemy. Allow me to walk on dry ground. You are everything I need. You are my Shepherd. You are my Defender. In Your mighty name, Jesus. Amen.

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Unknown member
Apr 12, 2023

Lord let is catch the wind of Your Spirit and move with it!


Unknown member
Apr 12, 2023

My favorite part - "allow the prophetic wind of the Spirit blow over you." YES and AMEN!!!

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