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We spent time in prayer to develop unique scent profiles then collaborated with a scientist. Our scents were created with specific purposes in mind. Both the product and the packaging are luxurious and created with excellence.


We are excited to offer you an anointing lotion. It instantly absorbs into your skin, leaving the beautiful scent behind. It is complimented by an anointing oil. 


You can mix and match scents if you desire. A prayer card will be included for each scent. If the same scent is chosen for both the lotion and the oil, only one prayer card will be sent.


To see all available options, click the left side menu for anointing and read the details of each scent. Then copy the title of the scent and then paste that title into the corresponding question above as you add it to your cart. 


All lotion ingredients are organic, organically grown, ethically wildcrafted and EcoCertified.

All anointing oils are organic, organically grown, ethically wildcrafted and sustainably harvested.


This item is shipped in secure packaging to prevent breakage.



Anointing Lotion & Oil Set

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