Spiritual Direction 

A form of Christian Life Coaching

What is Spiritual Direction?

It's the Christian form of life coaching that is guided by the wisdom of Holy Spirit. It's a way to come before God, seeking out His guidance, and following the purpose that He created you for.

What is benefit of Spiritual Direction?

If you are seeking out God's plan for your life, and want to make sure that you are staying on His path, then Spiritual Direction is what you need! Not only will you be guided to God's path but your relationship will grow deeper and stronger with Him.

There are many ways that spiritual direction can enrich your life:

  • Assistance in cultivating your relationship with Jesus and partnership with the Holy Spirit in order to walk out the fullness of your life.

  • Assistance in hearing from the Lord accurately in order to get to the next step in your career.

  • Hearing the Lord's heart on a certain situation and/or circumstance that you are going through.

  • Identifying how the Lord speaks to you and how to develop your communication with Him.

  • ... and so much more ...

What to expect during a session?

You will meet with one of our Spiritual Directors (you choose when you make the appointment through our online system) for one hour (possibly a little more), over a virtual video connection, to listen to God together. Each session is led by the Holy Spirit who uses our Spiritual Director to lead the appointment. Depending on what Holy Spirit highlights, and what you’d like to uncover, your experience will be unique and specific to you and your life.  

What is the goal of each session?

The simple answer is to bring you closer to God! The bonus of each session is to have an understanding of how the Lord is working in your life and what step He wants you to take next. Keep in mind that sometimes when we seek specific direction on next steps, the Lord might give you an answer that you don't expect and/or that you don't fully understand. God loves for you to seek Him, so on occasion His answer will require you to spend additional time with Him to fully understand His answer. The Father loves to spend time with His daughters and He's not afraid to hide so that you'll spend time looking for Him.