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Eleven Promises for Life

Do you know the promises of God? Do you actually know what He is promising you on a daily basis? Sometimes we know the general concept that God gives us His promises but often when asked for specifics, we don't know how to answer. And therein lies the problem - if we knew how to answer then we'd be better at living a Godly life. When we know the promises that God has for us, then we are more apt to make sure we do what He requires of us so that we can receive those promises! It will ALWAYS make life easier.

Have you guessed it yet? The number 11 means God's Promises in the Bible!

This month we will look at God's Promises, how they affect us and how we can receive them. God's promises, just like everything from the Lord, have to be accepted by us. He's ready to give them to us but we have to outstretch our arms and be willing to take them. That is part of our gift of free will - either accepting or denying what God wants to give us. He doesn't make us take something from Him. He offers it to us and allows us to choose to accept it or not. We are given a choice and it's important to choose wisely.

1 Corinthians 8:9

Only be careful that this liberty of yours [this power to choose] does not somehow become a stumbling block [that is, a temptation to sin] to the weak [in conscience].

When we don't fully understand the goodness in the promises that God offers us, we often make the wrong choices. It's easy to make a wrong choice when you don't understand what God's choice is. And God's choice is the only right choice. God's choice is the only good choice. When we choose Him, we receive His promises and it saves us from hurt and heartache.

I want to give you a head-start this month on God's promises. I want you to have a little list of easy answers that you can pull from as we start our study. I want you to know the promises that the Lord is offering you so you can quickly make better informed decisions this month.

The gospel of John records eleven very special promises.

  • We receive everlasting life by believing in the Son of God. (John 3:16)

  • We have eternal life with Jesus by coming into covenant with Him through the act of taking communion. (John 6:54)

  • We get to walk in Light. (John 8:12)

  • We can operate in freedom when we follow the instructions of Jesus. (John 8:31 - 32)

  • We are free from sin by allowing Jesus to be our Master. (John 8:24-36)

  • We will be honored by the Father as we serve Christ. (John 12:26)

  • Our belief in Jesus will allow us to do greater works than He did. (John 14:12)

  • We receive the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. (John 14:15 -16)

  • We receive God's love and revelation when we follow the instructions of Jesus. (John 14:21)

  • We will be fruitful and flourish when we stay focused on Jesus and look to Him for all things. (John 15:5).

  • We are Christ's friend when we obey His ways. (John 15:14)

Those promises above are all yours if you want them. Each one has an action step attached to them that you have to take in order to receive them. Whatever problems in your life you might have, one of the promises above will take care of that problem. God is always the answer and we have to choose to come to Him to get that answer.

I want to encourage you to pass these promises onto your loved ones. Let them know the tangible things that God is promising them. Help them get out of their rut and make better decisions by choosing God over everything else. YOU can be a part of someone else's breakthrough when you share the truths of Jesus - that is "operating in freedom" as one of those promises is stated above. The enemy wants to keep us captive but Jesus promises us freedom. Knowing the promises of God actually keep us free!

Celebrate the work that the Lord has done for you. Make a promise to walk in His promises. Join me each week for our podcast and church services as we dig deeper into the promises that God has for us and receive them by faith.

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4 opmerkingen

Onbekend lid
05 nov. 2023

I am reading ( and re-reading ) these promises and praying through them💖

It truly is Jesus Christ who sets us free❤

Onbekend lid
07 nov. 2023
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Onbekend lid
02 nov. 2023

First, I LOVE every picture you choose for the blog post, they really bless me. Second, I’m excited and full of anticipation for everything the Father has in store!

Onbekend lid
07 nov. 2023
Reageren op

Thank you! AMEN - be in anticipation!

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