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Reflecting on God in 2021

Often we don't realize how much God showed up for us until we take time to reflect on the journey. It's so dismissive to say that we aren't where we want to be when we haven't taken adequate time to look at where we started from. Often we look forward so much that we don't appreciate every step that has already been taken.

This is often also true when a prophetic word has been spoken over your life. We are waiting to see that word come to pass and get impatient for it, but when we truly reflect on how far we've journeyed toward that word then it's easy to see how far we've actually traveled.

God gave me such a grand vision for Trumpets of Tirzah in 2017! I sat with Him for two years developing our courses and listening carefully to His instruction. All that we are today was birthed out of a place of prayer, listening, and obedience. As we began our first 9-Month Course in the fall of 2019 it was so exciting. The Lord kept telling me that it wasn't about the amount of women who came, it was about the hunger of the women who showed up. In 2019 I heard the Holy Spirit say that I was "called to the few who are called to the many." What an honor and privilege to be used by God to raise up His leaders which would transform so many.

Three year later, yet still "small" in numbers, I can't be disappointed. I see who God has brought me, and the ways He is using me, and it's my delight. Would I love to sow into a bigger harvest of women, YES INDEED. But as I remain focused on the Lord, His encouragement tells me that all He has entrusted me with, I am stewarding well for Him. And that is what it is about. The world measures success in numbers but God does not. Another reason it's so important to stay focused on God and tune out the world. We can only accomplish the works of God by keeping our ears tuned into Him and our eyes focused on Him.

I know that 2021 has not been kind to everyone. But the ones I know that live fully surrendered to the Lord have seen incredible things this year - Tirzah included. In January of 2021, at our annual Awaken Art event "Promises of God" the Holy Spirit gave me three words for the year for all the women who joined us. They were favor, abundance, and protection. And praise be to God that ALL of those were true! I want to testify what God has done in each of those areas.


God has grown our online presence, through social media, by 712% this year! We are encouraging and supporting so many more women this year than we have before. In a rough year for many, God has allowed us to grow and be His light all over the world. In addition, God has given us a Treasure (a student) in 3 additional countries outside of the US. In a world where borders have been shut down, God granted us favor to cross borders! Only God is capable of that!


We have such a beautiful 21-22 Treasure class that sincerely cares for one another. They have an abundance of love not just towards one another but towards myself and the Tribe. A few have overcome a distrust of other women and now authentically love other women. WOW... praise the Lord!!! This year we've seen an abundance of care and selflessness. Again, only God is capable of transforming people like that! Additional abundance has also been received in form of our donations. We had a financial outpouring over the last 2 months, for the first time since we were founded. It's definitely the Lord's blessing and His encouragement that we are to continue raising up an army of powerful women in His name!


God moved us physically out of Los Angeles county and the more time that passes the more I see His protection in that move. I've personally lived in LA for 21 years and loved every minute of it. But as the world changes, God re-positions His children to keep them safe. Not only did He do that for the personal safety of my husband and I, but for the protection of Trumpets of Tirzah. God moved us to the Bible Belt of California (and until we moved here I didn't even know there was one!) Our Sheriff ,in addition to our City Counsel, are praying people. We literally are in a bubble of God's protection, able to continue to function as a ministry, without any kind of hindrances what-so-ever. FOR SURE - ONLY GOD COULD DO THAT!

God has definitely moved us forward in so many ways this year. Would an "outsider" be able to see it? Most likely not. But in pausing and reflecting back on our year, and all the ways that God favored us, gave us abundance, and showered us in His protection, it's crystal clear that God is with us and is setting us up for some amazing things! My job - continue to stay focused on Him while tuning out the world so that we stay on His path doing things His way.

If YOU are a women, you can come into our community and under our covering. We will be starting our 7-Month leadership course on January 17 during Monday afternoons. MORE INFO HERE

If YOU want a promise to hold onto for your year of 2022, join me for Awaken Art. Vision boards are motivational but God's truth can't be taken from you. Leave behind the world's motivation and grasp God's hand which will never let you go! REGISTER TODAY

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Membro sconosciuto
30 dic 2021

Wow Carina, when I read this post, all I can say that God is amazing. People often measure success by numbers, but God measure us in hunger for Himself. Love that.

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