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Wrapping Up the Number 5

How glorious it has been to come closer to God by studying the number 5. Here is a summary of everything we covered this month. As you re-listen, you will rediscover.

5 = God’s Grace

Grace doesn't take away consequences, grace provides provision in the midst of consequences once you've repented and turned your eyes back to the Lord.

  • Forgiveness partners with grace

  • God’s love compels His grace

  • God’s grace fills in the gap between us and Him

  • Grace heals wounds

  • God’s grace releases us from bondage, spiritual and worldly.

  • God’s grace gives us another chance to live our life by His design.

  • God honors us by granting us His grace.

  • God’s grace is our provision for what we lack.

Here are the podcasts on grace:

Here are the church sermons on grace:

Praying that the more you understand God's grace, the more you will operate in His grace and share it with the people around you. The blog posts about God's grace are below.

God bless you and all that you put your hands to!

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